Types of Women to Date Before Settling Down

Published: 16th July 2009
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All day every day I hear women shout that damn Beyonce hook: "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on

it!": Ladies, I'm here to profess that we like it a whole lot - from practically everyone we've ever gotten it from - but it takes more than a pair of perky bitties, a holy-roller, and a great cook for us to lock you down. The truth is, we need to experience it all before we settle down with you. So, here's a list of what we'd like to sample from the buffet table.

1. The Nice Thoughtful Lady - She will bring homemade chicken soup to my crib when I'm sick with a cold. She will wash my stanky drawers because she was "going to do laundry anyway." She's a great date to take to my family reunion. She's very feminine and strokes my ego. Dating this woman reminds men what good old-fashioned courtship is like.

2. She Got Her Own - A woman who can buy her own everything and not ask me for nothing is like a dream. On top of that, she can dress her ass off. Her shoe game is crazy and not a strand of hair is out of place. She is a trophy. She's also very successful, and can command top pay in her field, as well as the best table in a five-star restaurant. To quote Bey again, she has the power to "upgrade" a dude.

3. The White Girl - Many of you will get mad, but for many of us dudes, this is territory that we want to mark. She is not placed on top of any pedastal, nor can satisfy us sexually any more than you can. It's mostly curiosity, mixed with a little fantasy, and we just need to know what it's like.

4. Angela Bassett - Not necessarily the Angela Bassett, but a fine, classy, sexy older woman. She can teach us great tricks in the bedroom as well as teach us important life lessons. Our mom may not favor the relationship, but in ways our moms may have been short in teaching us how to be men, best believe an old-school honey would make us man-up mad quick. This relationship is nice because, in most cases, it's not long-term.

5. The Homie - It's good to mix it up with your homegirl. Dude always thought she was hot, but have always been reluctant because they go way back - his grandmother used to babysit her, yada yada yada. But he was always curious and tempted to smash it, especially when she was crying on his shoulder over the next dude. You like her and respect her tremendously, and you know she'll be crazy loyal. It's good to find out if you can truly have a homie, lover and a friend.

6. The Party Girl - She's the girl that knows how to kick it and leaves the drama at the door. She's not necessarily of Girls Gone Wild fame, but she'll find out where it's poppin' for the night and talk him into tagging along. She doesn't put the pressure on Dude to "define the relationship" after a couple months of dating. She's usually high energy and rarely in a bad mood. It's good for guys to just be with a plaything every once in a while.

Real Talk.

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