Terry and Rebecca Crews – Faith, Love and Family

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Published: 16th November 2010
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Actor Terry Crews is definitely on his grind and making moves. He stars in his own reality show, The Family Crews, with his children and wife Rebecca. He is best known for his role as "Julius" on the hit series Everybody Hates Chris and the hilarious Old Spice ‘Odor Blocker" ad campaign. And he’s had memorable appearances in several favorites including White Chicks and Friday After Next. Now, show him the money! Crews’ new Ice Cube series Are We There Yet? has been picked up for an additional ninety episodes following awesome ratings. And now, he is enjoying box office success with August 2010 movies Middle Men, The Lottery Ticket and the action flick Expendables.

But the ladies at Cocoa Cure Magazine are enamored by Terry’s relationship with his wife Rebecca. Their love is evident in their reality series and more evident during our chat. The entire time they were holding hands and giving powerful and loving energy. They even have that, "You-hang-up-no-you-hang-up" kinda’ newness, even after twenty years of marriage. Here’s to what love looks like in real life.

Husband and Wives

Rebecca: [jokingly, about Terry playing ‘husband’ on his TV shows]This man has three wives on TV. I’ll say we’ll all just move in together.

Terry: Big black love! But it’s an honor! I wanted the world to see how great a woman I have. ‘Cause there’s no way I could have done any of this – any of it – without her. We’re going on twenty-one years [marriage, as of August 2010], five beautiful kids, brand new grandbaby who’s five months old. I really wanted the world to see. We had to de-mystify celebrity ‘cause we work. This is work. This is a thing where I get a lunch pail and a hat, and I miss my kids when I work, and I come back home. They jump on your back (laughs). It’s the same thing. It’s just like anybody else. I wanted to show that there are black fathers out there that love their families. It’s a very rare thing that you see, especially in television. You’re either in a CSI episode as a criminal, which I’ve done, or you’re a rapper.

The Family That Pray Together

Rebecca: [referring to herself] Mom is trying to have her career, and that is happening. I am working on an album, pray for me! I am self-producing an album with several people I love in the LA-area. Another season of Family Crews season two [taping began in July 2010]. I’m still going out on auditions, trying to get a breakthrough there. Still doing a lot of ministry, a lot of speaking and preaching. Everything you saw me doing I’m still doing, and in due season you’ll see me more.

I wanna mention, BET approached us. We did not go out seeking a reality show. In fact, we were quite hesitant about the idea, but their pitch to us was ‘We wanna bring programming that your children can watch on our network.’ They were very open to our faith being a part of our show, which was a no-brainer. We’re like, ‘You’re not going to censor who we are.’ They portrayed us very realistically. You didn’t see nothing phony.

Terry: I got married a day before my twenty-first birthday. I went from my mama’s house to her [Rebecca] house (laughs). Look, when I found what I needed, I knew what I had and I said, ‘Hey, you don’t get another chance.’

To young couples I would say, ‘get counseling.’ Wisdom comes from the counsel of many. We still to this day go to people and say, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ Let me tell you, the guy’s gonna mess it up. We go blindly. Your woman has night vision. She sees all the stuff you don’t see. That’s why I’ve been able to keep making it because every time she’s warned me and I did it, it was a great move. But when I didn’t [listen], it was always failure. The key is, listen to your wife for real and get some counseling.

Terry [On balancing faith and career]: I find no problems ‘cause I do everything unto the Lord. I’ve been blessed to be in this business. I know I was placed in this business for a reason.

Rebecca: It’s a little harder for women than for men ‘cause the women are the ones [that are told] to take their clothes off. I can say as a Christian woman that I may not always play a good person, but there are certain boundaries that we’ve established for ourselves on what we will or won’t do.

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